How to install Drupal 9 in winodws xampp server

In this article, we are going to discuss installation of Drupal 9 in xampp server.

Download latest version from

Requirement check before installation

minimum php 7.3 is needed for Drupal 9 to run and also PHP 8 is not supported

download install  latest xampp server from this link.

if your existing xampp is in older PHP version(<7.3) , take  a back up of data folder in path C:\xampp\mysql\, also rename   C:\xampp folder to some other name, then install new xampp with higher PHP version. place old data folder content in the newly created C:\xampp\mysql\data folder. so you can see all databases in your new xampp mysql.

increase max_execution_time value into higher values in php.ini.

you can edit php.ini file from xampp control panel by click on config button as shown below.

Then restart apache using xampp control panel. If you are not updating execution time , there is a chance to stop your installation process in the middle.

place extracted drupal folder in path C:\xampp\htdocs\

create a database  and remember user name and password  of your localhost

For installation, access new drupal site as shown below. Here drupal9 folder contains new Drupal 9 files.


 choose a language

 Select installation profile

Click save and continue, you can see whether your system has all the required software’s.

Click on continue anyway

Provide your database details

Keep default id you are localhost.

Click save and continue

installation starts

this will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete

Final configuration

Provide your site name email and admin credentials here. You can change this at any time through the admin screen.

Installation Complete

your new Drupal 9 site installed successfully.


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