Login OTP-Twilio SMS gateway


Sample Twilio login otp module.





Read this article for full code documentation of this module.

Note below points.

  • Make sure twillio SDK installed, refer article  for compressor command to install.
  • Make sure you are updating $account_sid, $auth_token and $from_no in send() function in file /src/Services/Otp.php
    Update below details in Path – /dn_login/src/Services/Otp.php
    public function send($otp, $to) {
    $account_sid = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’;
    $auth_token = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’;
    $from_no = ‘+13xxxxxxx’;
  • Clear all the caches after installation.
  • Go to  Configurations->account settings -> Manage form display, move  mobile number field to enabled section.  /admin/config/people/accounts/form-display
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